90 DreamsAI

At DreamsAI we do everything. From front end to back end, from web-apps to database infrastructure, we are a full stack team ready to show you what a good idea can do. We have specialized engineers for all your sorts of challenges. If you feel like your company is "missing something", we will find out what that is, and give you a product that not just solves a specific problem, but takes root and germinates longlasting upside, giving YOU the edge.

Web App Development
Full-featured web applications

At DreamsAI we focus on high performance, secure web and system applications. We tailor make bespoke applications to meet our customers' needs. We use a plethora of software engineering techniques and implement the latest technologies to provide a secure network that you can browse and use at all times, high quality products and services.

Business Intelligence
Bespoke BI development

With our precise data analytics, you'll never miss an opportunity to streamline and expand your business. We aim to improve company work efficiency and deliverability by tracking and optimizing real-time efforts in the context of an underlying business model. The power of BI can birth a new dimension of staff-to-staff communication, where employees can reference operation metrics of unparalleled specificity and intuitiveness to convey work information with utmost accuracy and efficiency - confusion is a thing of the past.

Product Development
Full stack product delivering capability

Equipped with a full stack range of software engineers, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to handle vast ranges of product development challenges. If your company is looking to turn an idea into a real and tangible innovation, we are up to the task.

Artificial Intelligence
Bespoke AI software and ML training

Dreams-AI develops cutting edge machine learning solutions to improve on existent systems and create new, better ones. Artificial Intelligence enables multi-tasking and decreases workload for existing resources, this pushes the boundaries of productivity as everyone can do more in less time. Let the AI handle the background, and focus on executive decision making and organizational coordination.

Enterprise Solution
Instantly compatible enterprise-scale software

Feel like your business is lacking that digital edge that's keeping you from reaching the next level? We have lots of experience working with enterprise level clients, and ensure that our products work well out-of-the-box. These projects focus on reducing the chances for human errors to creep in, so that your employees can use their talents creating new solutions, and not fixing old problems.