How we work

Accumulating and Sharing Knowledge is our top priority. We stay open minded, listening to ideas that can challenge us to reach bigger achievements and better final products. We strive to create a safe, generous and accepting workplace where everyone can be their best authentic selves, allowing them to develop and provide the best ideas. We are committed and excited to brainstorm ideas together at all times and find it important to guide our freshmen to grow together and to make a difference.

Expand your horizon

We are a company that is continuously growing and expanding. Our ultimate goal is to be the best data science company in Asia with new technology and automation. Together we explore the best career path for each employee by allocating them to focus on their best suitable tasks in hand. We also provide job opportunities both in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and in Cambridge for our academic contributors.

Sounds good?

Do you think you have what it takes to join our team? Are you passionate and excited to develop? All our projects require unique and constantly challenging skill sets, that’s why we are looking for someone like you to join us today and create a better tomorrow at DreamsAI. Send us an email with you CV and a short letter telling us why you want to join the team. Not sold yet? Read some of the blogs written by our employees about the work-life balance, the accommodation we provide and the environment we create. You can also read about how we develop our software and see if that sounds fun to you.