How we work

Accumulating and sharing knowledge is our company's founding philosophy. We force ourselves to stay open minded, welcoming ideas that challenge us to fathom the unfathomable and to build the unbuildable. We pledge to create a safe, generous and accepting workplace where everyone can be their best authentic selves, and to foster an environment that organically enkindles the flames of the next big thing. We are made of the type of people who wake up in the morning to brainstorm new ideas and sleep at night having gotten closer to making them reality. We demand ambition, and nurture our rigorously selected newcomers to start their careers at a place where the upside is unlimited.

Expand your horizon

We are a company that is continuously growing and expanding. Our ultimate goal is to be the best data science company in Asia with new technology and automation. Together we explore the best career path for each employee by allocating them to focus on their best suitable tasks in hand. We also provide job opportunities both in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and in Cambridge for our academic contributors.

Sounds good?

Have what it takes to be a part of us? Are you passionate about adventuring uncharted territory and itching to risk it all? All of our projects require specialized and crème de la crème skillsets, so if you have something that no one else can offer, our arms are wide open ready to be your launchpad. Send us an email with your CV, and tell us what made us click. Our company is youthful in both age and mentality, so be bold and let us reciprocate. Still not sold? Read some of the blogs written by our employees about their work-life balance, our uncompromising benefits like paid accommodation, activities and social lifestyle. Also have a look at some of our project blogs and see if you resonate with them (we never do boring projects as a rule!).