Read about Luka's (PhD Physics Student at Cambridge) Internship Experience
APRIL 2, 2020
Hi my name is Luka I am a PhD student in Cambridge doing Physics and I have just finished a 10 week internship for DreamsAI in Hong Kong. It was a great opportunity for me to apply my knowledge and learn more about Machine Learning. One of the things I enjoyed the most about my time with Dreams AI was the culture at work, despite the fact that I was an intern, my voice was heard and I had plenty of opportunities to contribute to a lot of different and very interesting projects.
I worked on a system for scanning and processing receipts to automatise workflow of accounting agencies. In this project, I had an opportunity to work as a backend developer, learning about setting up APIs, best programming practices, and collaborating with frontend developers to make a demo webapp.
However, I spent most of my time working on a Speaker Verification project that I started. The final goal was to be able to tell if the two audio tapes of people speaking are coming from the same speaker or not, to be used as a verification layer in certain systems. There, I learned about audio processing and advanced machine learning models. Finally, I used a combination of convolutional and recurrent neural networks to recognise the speaker's voice from audio tapes and find the level of similarity to other voices. Now one of the new interns - Benjamin is continuing this project and I am working on it as a Freelancer. It is a great feeling to see a project that I started during my internship being continued and I also really appreciate the trust and opportunity that the company gave me to create something that I thought might be interesting.
Another notable aspect of my internship that I really enjoyed was the company’s atmosphere. The people that work there make for a very interesting community and we had a lot of chances to hang out, get to know each other better, relax and enjoy the city. We used to go swimming, play basketball, go to hikes, restaurants, bars… The company was always organizing something during weekends and sometimes during week evenings as well. For example, my birthday was during my internship and it was pretty close to DreamsAI’s birthday as well, so everyone from the office went Cake Making. It was a great experience where everyone got to make their own cakes and customize them, we later used these cakes to celebrate the two birthdays.
Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Dreams AI, and despite being there during the Covid-19 outbreak, I had a great experience and managed to have fun, learn a lot and contribute to the company.
Phd in Physics
University of Cambridge, worked in University of Oxford and HRpro d.o.o.
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