DreamsAI is a project based company that builds fully automated software. We focus on reducing company overhead by replacing repetitive task with software-driven "robot". The robots are capable of emulating and integrating the actions of a human by interacting within digital systems to execute scheduled business processes.

Our primary office is located in Hong Kong Science Technology Park, a key technology innovation and start-up incubation hub in Asia. We’re also opening our second office in Cambridge where we can provide working space for our academic contributors.


We feature the following innovative and cutting edge machine learning concepts:

1. HMS (High Performance, Maintainability and Security) one to many transaction systems

2. AI Hardware/ Application

3. AI Driven Web-crawling

4. Event Forecasting

5. Similarity Search Engine

Read some of our blogs
Read about Luka's (PhD Physics Student at Cambridge) Internship Experience
Hi my name is Luka I am a PhD student in Cambridge doing Physics and I have just finished a 10 week internship for DreamsAI in Hong Kong. It was a great opportunity for me to apply my knowledge and ro learn more about Machine Learning
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Read about Kenny's (BsC Math Student at Cambridge) Internship Experience
Hi I am Kenny, I am a second year Mathematician at Cambridge. I had the great opportunity to do an internship for Dreams AI during last summer, as well as this winter. It was an incredible opportunity to learn and gain
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Read what Z has to say about working for Dreams AI
My name is Zdravko Zhelev and I started working for Dreams AI in September 2019, I had just graduated university and was looking for an opportunity when Bryan Yau offered it to me. What fascinated me the most when I finally arrived
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