We are a company that is continuously growing and expanding. Our ultimate goal is to be the best data science company in Asia with new technology and automation. Together we explore the best career path for each employee by allocating them to focus on their best suitable tasks in hand. We also provide job opportunities both in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and in Cambridge for our academic contributors.

Life here is a pretty sweet deal. Stay cool, stay healthy!
Sick time
Steep learning curve
Fun and energetic working environment
Generous Parental leave
Medical scheme and insurance coverage
Opportunity to learn and inspire from our international team
Weekend company activities (hiking, board game, dinner etc.)
Workplace facilities provided by HK Science and Technology Park
We need you

Do you think you have what it takes to join our team? Do you have a passion for what you love to do? All our projects require unique and constant challenging skill sets, that's why we’re looking for someone like you to join us today to create a better tomorrow at DreamsAI.

ML Model Researcher

Love machine learning or novelty solutions to problems? This role will be demonstrating the feasibility of certain models or clever algorithms for particular problems. Suggesting the potential strengths and limits of each model.

ML Model/ Software Developer

Love solving problems and solving them quickly? This role will be taking proven models and solutions and actually applying them, optimising them and expanding their capability.

Firefighting Coder

Get bored easily? Fast learner? Love a different challenge every single time? Like to be the Hero that saves the day? These people stick their noses into every project that is struggling, and rectify the situation.

Front End Developer

Are you visually creative and want to improve user experience? Do you prefer a more client facing job? This role puts the finishing touches (by far the most appreciated touches!) to each project. Making things look cool and ready for clients.

Data Scientist

Love big data and exploratory data analysis? Have a natural curiosity towards uncovering subtile patterns and relationships between data-sets? This role would require quick analytics, interpretation and visualisation of Big Data.

Knowledge Engineer

Like to teach? Then this is the role for you! We have a strong teaching culture in Dreams-AI. You will help build our proprietary training materials and project reports so that we can leverage all of the insight and codes that we have developed through out our previous projects to maximise our efficiency and capability when solving newer problems.

System Architect

You get turned on by Systems, Servers, Networks and the cyber-security of a growing digital infrastructure? Want to be the centre of everybody else's universe? In this role, you will be marrying hardware solutions and software solutions. Helping us deploy and maintain the servers, sensors and bots that are necessary to actualise our solutions to any automation problems.

DevOps Architect

Already a ninja at all of the above? Occasionally, find your self levitating above everybody else? You can shoulder the biggest responsibility and an even bigger pay check right from the get go! This role is for you. You will be putting together work done by everybody else and delivering it to clients as a singular product to their satisfactions.